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Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Full Details | Download Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Form

Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Full Details | Download Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Form

Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Full Details | Download Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Form

Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Full Details | Download Sardar Patel Awas Yojana Form
Data on the plan:

Sardar Patel Awas Yojana for land less farming laburers and town craftsman living Below Poverty line in country zones of the State. Sardar Awas Vasahat, Rampun, dist. Vadodara Govt. has made vital getting ready for arrangement of houses in the town. The poor has right to live new life and to go to new culture as state of poor populace.

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Sardar Patel Awas Yojana – An out line:

Free plots plan of house site of the State Government for landless horticultural laboures town craftsmans living Below Poverty line in provincial regions of Gujarat is under usage since 1972. A plan to pay help for development of houses on such apportioned plot came into power in 1976. Sardar Patel Awas Yojana substantially the motto "free plot, free house" came into existance since. 1977.Price of a house under the plan was Rs.20,000 in standard territories and Rs.22,000 in sloping and blocked off are an officially. The recipients couldn't fabricate houses, it was given that house to the recipients will be developed by the legislature since 2000, Price of one unit of house was raised to Rs.43,000 by making alteration since1-5-2001. Govt. help for Sardar Patel Awas yojana is Rs.36,000 and work contribatin of the recipient will be Rs.7000.

Proportions of State Government to make the plan progressively helpful and appropriate ot the recipients:

Bit of leeway to all enlisted Below Poverty live recorded on old salary point of confinement of Rs.11,000 (since 1-8-2000)

Vital change in the plan to make houses so solid that they may support against earth shudder evidence (since 1-5-2001).

The recipient ought not have any plot on house in his name.

Overlaid photos of a couple with grant. (since 25-6-2002).

Such unwinding where the recipient himself build the house rather than foundation or Gram Panchayat (since 2-3-2005).

Permitted to utilize concrete empty squares, stone workmanship and bela stones clouded of consumed blocks (since 2-3-2005).

Permitted to build houses with magnolia tiles rooftops as an option of houses with chunks

Who may profit advantages of the plan ?

This Scheme of Sate Govt. being poor-arranged the people enlisted Below Poverty Line of provincial territories may profit advantage of the plan.

An individual who has no plot or house may profit advantage of the plan.

The candidate ought not have taken advantage of some other lodging plan.

The candidate who has most extreme half hectare of flooded land or greatest one hectare of non-watered land may likewise benefit bit of leeway of the plan.

In the event that couple live respectively and if there is a plot or house is for the sake of spouse or wife and living in a similar town throughout the previous five years, both of them may profit advantage of the plan.

On the off chance that a recipient is a local of town he should hold card of Below Poverty Line of that town such individual ought to get testament from the sarpanch of his local town that "this recipient has not exploited Sardar Patel Awas Yojana in our town.

A declaration ought to be delivered that there is no house in his name or for the sake of his better half in his local spot and they should fall in the meaning of B.P.L.

Advantage under Sardar Patel Awas Yojana is accessible to the resident living beneath destitution line just once.

By what means will be your home right now

Territory of development of house without verandah ought not be under 22.90 sq.meters.

Burrowing of the house under the plan ought to be upto 0-90meter of till yellow earth is discovered, which ever is more.

Stature of plinth to section will be 2.70 meters.

Stature of parapet of the house ought to be 0.30 meters.

A major room in the house under the plan will be 3.35 X 4.98 meters.

Latrine cum-restroom will be 1.00 meter X 1.82 meters.

Tallness of plinth will be 0.30 meter and range from plinth to chunk will be 2.15 meters.

There will be Toilet in one section and restroom in the rest of the part.

An open verandah of 1.80 meter width is to be built range from land will be 0.30 meter.

Which are the benchmarks with respect to characteristics for developments of houses?

Workmanship work above plinth of rooms and Toilet-cum-restroom and that of parapet ought to be made by burnet blocks of 0:23 meter thickness, concrete empty squares and stone brick work and bela stone and so on proporion of concrete sand is 1:6.

There ought to be two entryways in front and back part of the house with fold shade and iron ventilates. Thickness of the sheet ought not be under 18 measure. An entryway of 0.82 meters x 2000 meters is to be given according to configuration referenced in the arrangement.

Straightforward iron entryway of Toilet ought to be 0.75 X 2000 meters according to kind of plan

All out two windows of 0.75 X 1.05 meters are to be set in front and back dividers alongside iron wellbeing bars.

If there should be an occurrence of composed interest of the recipient, a window might be set in back divider rather than entryway. Accordingly one entryway and three windows might be kept.

Concrete cement pre-thrown flame broil of 0.60 mater X 0.60 meter is to be set in Toilet - cum-washroom.

A 540 millimeters size W.C drench pit (with spread) is to be set for Toilet-cum-restroom and funnel associations are to be given.

Rules for contruction of houses under the plan:

Iron poles ought to be given on both the sides of openings of windows and entryways and hence solid then the work.

Corner at ledge level, molded pole of 0.90meter length on 'T' intersection dividers. Blend concrete sand ought to be 1:3

Workmanship work ought to be done in concrete their extent ought to be in 1:4 rather than 1:6 in endorsed type structure.

Hostile to earth shake works are to be completed in coeducation of houses in mishap zone-5 zones (Kachchh region)

Workmanship work above plinth of the rooms and Toilet as cum-restroom and that of parapet ought to be made by consumed breaks of 0:23 meter thickness, concrete empty squares and stone max wed and bluestone and so on extent of concrete sand is 1:6.

This plan

structure Download: Click Here

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  1. Good post as it provides latest govt schemes and plans. Thanks for sharing this helpful information to us. As this scheme covers various points related to awas yojana. One more latest scheme is launched by our PM which is named as Swamitva yojana scheme